The Model 2016

When emerging fashion model Emma gets a chance to pursue her dream of becoming an international top model, she leaves her everyday life in Denmark behind, and moves to Paris. At a photo shoot in her new hometown, she meets the attractive photographer Shane White and they fall in love. But their relationship soon turns into a dangerous obsession for Emma.

Girl Model 2011

Despite a lack of obvious similarities between Siberia and Tokyo, a thriving model industry connects these distant regions. GIRL MODEL follows two protagonists involved in this industry: Ashley, a deeply ambivalent model scout who scours the Siberian countryside looking for fresh faces to send to the Japanese market, and one of her discoveries, Nadya, a thirteen year-old plucked from the Siberian countryside and dropped into the center of Tokyo with promises of a profitable career. After Ashley’s initial discovery of Nadya, the two rarely meet again, but their stories are inextricably bound. As Nadya’s optimism about rescuing her family from their financial difficulties grows, her dreams contrast against Ashley’s more jaded outlook about the industry’s corrosive influence.

Bikini Model Academy 2015

When T. J. and Benji, two California twenty-something best buddies, lose their girlfriends, they start a home grown bikini modeling academy to make money and meet new girls. With a little help from T.J.'s Uncle Seymour (Gary Busey), the guys begin recruiting pretty girls, until a rival modeling school owned by their old grade school enemy tries to shut them down.

Model by Day 1993

Lady X is a woman who works during the day as a model but turns into a fighter for justice at night with the help of her karate master Chang.

Top Model 1988

Gloria works as a top nude model and prostitute, but she has a secret. In reality she is writer and social critic Sarah Asproon researching her new book. Peter finds out and blackmails her by demanding sex for his silence. Meanwhile Sarah develops feelings for computer whiz Cliff, who struggles to resolve his own sexual orientation.

The Model Solution 2002

Jack's modeling agency has been losing its ground lately. His ex is running a competitive business and they both want the hot Rebecca to sign with them. He must also deal with his demanding tycoon dad and a secretary who wants him.

Gia 1998

Gia Carangi travels to New York City with dreams of becoming a fashion model. Within minutes of arriving, she meets Wilhelmina Cooper, a wise and high-powered agent who takes Gia under her wing. With Cooper's help and her own natural instincts, Gia quickly shoots to the top of the modeling world. When Cooper dies of lung cancer, however, Gia turns to drugs – and both she and her career begin to spiral out of control.

Model Shop 1969

While trying to raise money to prevent his car from being repossessed, George is attracted to Lola, a Frenchwoman who works in a "model shop" (an establishment which rents out beautiful pin-up models to photographers). George spends his last twelve dollars to photograph her, and discovers that she is as unhappy as he.

Model 2012

Model is a crisp jaunt through the hyper-designed world or architectural model building as it faces a new threat - the advent of 3D printing.

Model Behavior 2000

This is a Disney Channel movie about two teenage girls, one an ordinary high school girl and the other a top teen model, who meet and switch places.

Model Hunger 2015

Former pin-up model and actress Ginny had been cast aside by the heartless and exploitative modeling industry when she was a young woman due to her body type. Ginny didnt take rejection well and over the years developed into a revenge seeking, blood thirsty, broken woman. When her new neighbors Debbie and Sal move in, Debbie begins to notice strange things going on next door. Sal credits it to Debbies psychological instability and believes she is seeing things, falling deeper into her psychosis. Debbie is obsessively determined to figure out what secret life Ginny is leading. Her new nosey neighbor throws a damper on Ginnys lifestyle activities; such as her cannibalistic food addictions and ever growing body count. Both women become determined to put an end to the others obsession.

Cherry 2000 1987

When successful businessman Sam Treadwell finds that his android wife, Cherry model 2000 has blown a fuse, he hires sexy renegade tracker E. Johnson to find her exact duplicate. But as their journey to replace his perfect mate leads them into the treacherous and lawless region of 'The Zone', Treadwell learns the hard way that the perfect woman is made not of computer chips and diodes.

Einstein's God Model 2016

For thousands of years, evidence of life after death has eluded mankind. Science is about to change that. With the help of a physicist, a blind medium, and Thomas Edison’s final experiment, Brayden Taylor embarks on a quest to contact his deceased fiancee. For his love to transcend dimensions, he must defy the laws of quantum physics. He must defy the balance nature demands. He must defy ... Einstein’s God Model.

Model 1981

MODEL shows male and female models at work on TV commercials, fashion shows, magazine covers, and advertising for a variety of products, including designer collections, fur coats, sports clothes and automobiles. The models are seen at work with photographers whose techniques illustrate different styles of fashion and product photography. The business aspect of running an agency is also shown: interviewing prospective models, career counseling, arranging portfolios, talking with clients, and planning trips. The film presents a view of the intersections of fashion, business, advertising, photography, television and fantasy.

The Artist and the Model 2012

The story of a famous old sculptor, weary of life and the folly of men, who finds, thanks to the arrival of a Spanish girl escaped from a refugee camp, the desire to return to work and sculpt your final work in occupied France in 1943. Model and artist, as they work, speak with simplicity and closeness to everything around them: The life and death, the injustice of the war, youth and old age, the search for beauty in times of horror, the sense and the need for art ...

Role Models 2008

Two salesmen trash a company truck on an energy drink-fueled bender. Upon their arrest, the court gives them a choice: do hard time or spend 150 service hours with a mentorship program. After one day with the kids, however, jail doesn't look half bad.

A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne 2009

Australian television film based on alleged events surrounding the death of Caroline Byrne in June 1995. Byrne was found in the early morning of 8 June at the base of a cliff at The Gap, a notorious suicide spot in Sydney.

America's Next Top Model 2003

Aspiring models compete for a chance to break into the business with a panel of judges critiquing their progress throughout the competition.

Moonlighting 1985

Moonlighting is an American television series that aired on ABC from March 3, 1985, to May 14, 1989. The network aired a total of 66 episodes. Starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd as private detectives, the show was a mixture of drama, comedy, and romance, and was considered to be one of the first successful and influential examples of comedy-drama, or "dramedy", emerging as a distinct television genre. The show's theme song was performed by jazz singer Al Jarreau and became a hit. The show is also credited with making Willis a star, while providing Shepherd with a critical success after a string of lackluster projects. In 1997, the episode "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice" was ranked #34 on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time. In 2007, the series was listed as one of Time magazine's "100 Best TV Shows of All-Time." The relationship between David and Maddie was included in TV Guide's list of the best TV couples of all time.

Australia's Next Top Model 2005

Australia's Next Top Model is an Australian reality television series, based on a franchise that was created by Tyra Banks with America's Next Top Model. It is produced by Granada Productions and broadcast on the Australian subscription television channel, FOX8. The series' objective is to find a promising but as-yet undiscovered Australian fashion Model and reward her with a platform to boost her chances of forging a successful career within the modelling industry. The series was last formerly hosted by Australian model Sarah Murdoch, who also served as lead judge and co-executive producer of the show for cycles five to seven. Jodhi Meares and Erika Heynatz also served as former hosts. An eighth cycle was confirmed for production and broadcast during 2013. Producers had to find a replacement host before production re-commenced. In April 2012 it was announced that the series would take a break for 2012 due to the fact that producers of the show were having trouble finding a replacement for Sarah Murdoch. It was announced on 19 November 2012 that beauty queen, model, and television personality Jennifer Hawkins was chosen as the new host for the ongoing eighth cycle.

Asia's Next Top Model 2012

Asia's Next Top Model is a reality television show of Top Model Franchise, in which a number of women compete for the title of Asia's Next Top Model and a chance to start their career in the modeling industry. The show will feature aspiring models from the entire Far East region, including South Asia subcontinent. The show was initially set to launch in mid-2012 on Ice-TV, after a deal was arranged with CBS for a Pan-Asian version. The casting process began in March 28, 2012 and was scheduled to end on May 5 of the same year. Later, the deadline was extended to May 21. The show was produced in Singapore. On April 11, it was publicly revealed that Nadya Hutagalung would take on the role of Head Judge and Host of the series. Fashion Director, Daniel Boey, Fashion Photographer, Todd Anthony Tyler, and model, Joey Mead King took secondary roles as judges. Around early October, STAR World and Channel 8 introduced the 14 finalists for season one, from 13 countries in South, Southeast and East Asia. The show was initially scheduled to premiere on November 4, 2012. However, the global premiere on STAR World was pushed back to November 25 due to monetary problems. The winner of the first cycle was 27 year old Jessica Amornkuldilok from Thailand.

Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model 2005

Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model, often abbreviated as BNTM, BINTM, or Top Model, is a British reality television show in which a number of women compete for the title of Britain's Next Top Model and a chance to start their career in the modelling industry. The first "cycle" premiered on 14 September 2005 on Sky Living. The winner normally receives a modelling contract, cosmetics campaign, and a spread within a fashion magazine which also includes appearing on the front cover. Other benefits which can change from cycle to cycle include a car, holiday, money, or an apartment among other things. As part of the Top Model franchise, it is based on the American television series America's Next Top Model. From series 7 onwards, the show has been renamed Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model as it has begun to include contestants from Ireland.

New Zealand's Next Top Model 2009

New Zealand's Next Top Model is a New Zealand reality television series in which a number of young women compete for the title of New Zealand's Next Top Model and the chance to start their career in the modeling industry. The show's format was originally created by American talk-show host and model Tyra Banks. The New Zealand series is hosted by former model and 62 Models Management founder Sara Tetro, and airs on TV3 NZ. The winner of NZNTM wins a modelling contract with Sara's agency. Like its American counterpart, NZNTM features a photographer and international model on its judging panel, Chris Sisarich and Colin Mathura-Jeffree, respectively. Mathura-Jeffree also acts as runway coach to the girls, much like Miss Jay on America's Next Top Model.

Making a Model With Yolanda Hadid 2018

Former model and television personality Yolanda Hadid put coaches aspiring teen models through an intensive eight week training program, focused on the physical, mental and emotional wellness that it takes to build a sustainable brand.

Sweden's Next Top Model

Sweden's Next Top Model or Top Model Sverige was a Swedish reality television show based on America's Next Top Model. It was broadcast on TV3 in Sweden. In Top Model Sverige, the 9 contestants are competing for a top 3 spots to compete in Scandinavia's Next Top Model. These final 3 girls then join with Norway and Denmark's contestants. One winner came from Sweden over the 3 seasons of the show, Freja Kjellberg Borchies. For the first two cycles, Top Model Sverige was hosted by Mini Andén but she quit and Malin Persson replaced her. Persson left and was replaced by another Swedish model Vendela Kirsebom in Cycle 4 as a host when the show was aired for one Cycle on TV4 under the name Top Model Stockholm. After the first individual Cycle ended it took eight years until the show returned to TV3 in 2012 with Izabella Scorupco as host. However, she also lasted for one season only and was replaced by Caroline Winberg who hosted the show in 2013.

Scandinavia's Next Top Model

Scandinavia's Next Top Model was a Scandinavian reality television show, based on the original concept from America's Next Top Model. It is broadcast on TV3 in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden by Viasat. The show is similar to the American version but the Scandinavian contestants are brought to Paris instead of New York or Los Angeles and are competing for a modeling contract with Marilyn modeling agency and a make-up contract with L'Oréal. The show has some differences from the American version. Most importantly, since three countries are involved, nine women from each country compete amongst themselves before being brought together when only three from each country remain. Yet they still compete only with the contestants from the same country; not until the very end, when one competitor from each country remains, is a final winner chosen. The hosts for each of the countries have been Mini Anden in Sweden, Kathrine Sørland in Norway, and Anne P in Denmark—all female models. In Sweden, Mini left the show after few seasons, and Malin Persson took over. After the contestants from the three countries have been brought together, the show has been hosted by an American fashion expert, Cynthia Garrett. Tyra Banks, the founder of the original American version, has been asked to host or guest-host the show but she has declined the offer. The coach on all the episodes has been Herve Bernard and the posing coach was Mariana Verkerk who also appears in Holland's Next Top Model, Benelux' Next Top Model, and Norway's Next Top Model as the runway coach and as a permanent judge. The runway coach was the same as in the U.S. version, J. Alexander.

India's Next Top Model 2015

India's Next Top Model is an Indian reality television series, which premiered on 19 July 2015 and broadcast on MTV India. The series is an Indian version of Tyra Banks-created 2003 American reality television series America's Next Top Model

Super Model Centroamérica

Super Model Centroamérica is a reality documentary that features contestants from the participating countries Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama that are living in a villa in Heredia, Costa Rica and do a variety of model-business-based competitions to determine who will win title Super Model Centroamérica. The show followed the format of America's Next Top Model, with Costa Rican model Leonora Jiménez taking the role of Tyra Banks in the original series as the head of the search as well as a mentor for the finalists. Cycle one premiered in August 2007, and was won by Lisseth Cáceres from Panama. In its second year, the show became a beauty-pageant style search where all significant factors of a typical "Next Top Model" show were removed. Instead, each country had its own model search where all of the national winners got a ticket for the Super Model of the World contest.

Canada's Next Top Model 2006

Canada's Next Top Model is a Canadian reality show in which female contestants compete for the title "Canada's Next Top Model" and a chance to start their career in the modeling industry. The winner receives a modeling contract from Elmer Olsen Modeling Agency, a $100,000 beauty contract from Procter & Gamble, and an editorial spread in Fashion magazine. CNTM is based on the successful American franchise America's Next Top Model. It is produced by Temple Street Productions in association with CTVglobemedia and CBS Paramount International TV. Three cycles have been produced and aired.

France's Next Top Model 2005

France's Next Top Model is a reality television programme based upon America's Next Top Model. The first cycle ended with Alizée Sorel as the winner of the competition, while the second cycle saw victory for seventeen-year-old Karen Pillet from Maintenon, France.

Albania's Next Top Model 2010

Albania's Next Top Model is a reality documentary and the Albanian version of Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model. It pits contestants against each other in a variety of competitions to determine who will win title of Albania's Next Top Model. Castings have been held in October 2010 where the applicants were narrowed down to 32 semifinalists out of which the top 20 was chosen. The first Cycle was hosted by Aurela Hoxha and aired on Top Channel. Two girls were disqualified for a physical fight and two new girls were added during the contest. The winner is the 15 years-old Erida Lama. The second cycle began in June 2011.

China's Next Top Model

China's Next Top Model is a Chinese reality TV series, based on the international version and spin-off to the original, America's Next Top Model. The show was produced by Chinese television subscription channel Sichuan Satellite TV and it is filmed in Shanghai, the casting was held in selected cities of China -- Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, and Guangzhou. It began airing on January 13, 2008 and airs at 10:30 PM, presented by Chinese Supermodel Li Ai. 21-year-old Angela Yi became the first winner of China's Next Top Model. As carried by eWorld, and its wholly owned subsidiary MOJO Media Works with Pantene-sponsored China's Next Top Model began its production during the last week of December. With the successful conclusion of a nationwide talent search across Mainland China through the participation of Wal Mart, Watsons, Tesco and Carrefour, the show's producers have sifted through over 5000 applications from would-be reality TV stars and hopeful future models.

Kazakhstan's Next Top Model

I'm Beautiful was a Kazakh reality television show competition of non-professional aspiring models broadcast on Hit TV for a contract with the international model agency. Its first cycle premiered and finished in 2005. 18 girls competed with only 17 of them moving into the model house. After several weeks Saule Zhunusova made a voluntary exit of the show because she felt homesick and bullied by the other contestants. In a live show final the top four battled it out for the win with Altyn Bekanova triumphing over Zhanna Saryeva in the super final. Many of the show's alumni went on to represent Kazakhstan in several beauty peagants afterwards. For now there are no further plans to continue the show.

Mexico's Next Top Model, Cycle 4

Mexico's Next Top Model, Cycle 4 is a reality show which was hosted by model and celebrity Jaydy Michel, and aimed to find the next top Mexican fashion model. The series was based on the reality TV series America's Next Top Model, which is hosted by Tyra Banks. Previous head judge and host Elsa Benítez was replaced by Jaydy Michel for the fourth season. The prizes for this season have not been revealed to the public. The season began to air on television on August 19, 2013.

Afghanistan's Next Top Model

In 2007, a local TV station in Mazar-I-Sharif, Afghanistan aired a reality television show modeled after the America's Next Top Model. International media took notice and dubbed the show Afghanistan's Next Top Model.

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