Objective, Burma! 1945

A group of men parachute into Japanese-occupied Burma with a dangerous and important mission: to locate and blow up a radar station. They accomplish this well enough, but when they try to rendezvous at an old air-strip to be taken back to their base, they find Japanese waiting for them, and they must make a long, difficult walk back through enemy-occupied jungle.

Burma 2014

Sampath is an expert in car, seizing, and works for Atul Kulkarni, who is a financier in North Madras. Burma aka Parandhaman works under Sampath for peanuts and the moment he comes to know the true colors of his boss; he makes his crooked intelligence to show the jail for Sampath and eventually gains the trust from Atul after creating his own brand for siezing cars. Sampath comes back from the jail and secretly plans the downfall of Burma. Burma gets an opportunity to seize 28 cars and he has completed 99% of his job without any fuss only to get stuck on the last car. What happens to Burma and to the rest of lead characters forms the rest of the story with parallel stories layered like a double decker sandwich.

Largo Winch II 2011

Propelled to the head of the W Group after the death of his adoptive father, Largo Winch decides, to everyone's surprise, to sell it, and use the proceeds to create an ambitious humanitarian foundation. But on the very same day, he finds himself accused of crimes against humanity by a mysterious witness. To prove his innocence, Largo will have to retrace the steps of his past life, in the heart of the Burmese jungle.

Burma Soldier 2010

The story of Myo Myint, a political prisoner, who made the transformation from being a soldier in Burma's junta to a pro-democracy activist.

Bombs Over Burma 1942

The film tells the story of Chinese guerrillas fighting for the Allied cause in Burma during Early in World War II, Chungking schoolteacher Lin Yang is recruited to help with the dangerous mission of protecting the Allied supply line from Burma into China. In spite of the danger involved, her determination to help is strengthened when one of her young students is killed in a Japanese air raid. Some time later, she is part of a group of Allied representatives departing from Lashio, on a bus traveling the Burma Road back to China. A bridge outage forces them to spend the night in a monastery along the way, and during the night they watch in horror as a supply convoy of trucks is bombed by Japanese planes. The timing and accuracy of the raid brings them to realize that either one of their group, or perhaps the priest in the monastery, is really an enemy agent

Escape to Burma 1955

A fugitive in British Burma hides on a tea plantation, thanks to a mutual attraction with owner Gwen Moore.

Twilight Over Burma 2015

The U.S. scholarships Austrian student Inge and young mining student from Burma Sao Kya Seng fall in love. But it's only at the lavish wedding ceremony that Inge discovers her husband is the ruling prince of the Shan state of Burma. After a coup staged by the Burmese military, Sao is imprisoned. Inge does everything she can to free him. Base on the true story of Inge Sargent.

Burma: A Human Tragedy 2012

In this harrowing documentary the brutal regime of the military Junta in Burma is fully exposed. Through interviews with refugees, survivors and Burma's democratically elected president and Peace Nobel Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi, the terrifying landscape of an ongoing genocide of the ethnic minorities that flies in the face of international law comes horribly alive. Filmed surreptitiously and under constant life threatening conditions, Burma - A Human Tragedy offers a rare glimpse into the systematic human extermination that has gone pretty much ignored.

Burma Displaced 2010

Burmese citizens on the run, oppressed for decades by a brutal military dictatorship, still, to this day, fleeing into an uncertain future. Often having lost everything, all that remains are their dreams; their bad dreams of the past in Burma, but also dreams of hope for a better future. We meet these people in different countries and different situations.

Burma Storybook 2017

Burma Storybook is a parade of characters, poems and cinema verité scenes set in this enchantingly beautiful land trying to recover from six decades of fear and suffering. The main story is of Maung Aung Pwint, Burma’s most famous dissident poet, who has spent more than 30 years behind bars for his political activism. The yearning for his lost son, who lives in political exile in Finland, and his long-awaited return home after 20 years, are at the heart of the film.

Top Gear: Burma Special 2014

In this special Clarkson, Hammond and May don’t just buy three knackered old lorries and drive miles through the beautiful landscapes of Burma. Oh dear no. They actually have to use their lorries to do something useful. They have to build a real, use able bridge over the River Kwai. On their way to the river they almost bring down Burma’s power supply, encounter the world’s least relaxing truck stop, race around the streets of a deserted capital, saddle up a trio of unhelpful horses and attend a completely deranged party.

Moon Over Burma 1940

The managers of a teak lumber camp in Burma compete for the affections of a beautiful American entertainer who gets stranded in Rangoon.

Rookies in Burma 1943

In the jungles of Burma, U.S. Army Privates Jerry Miles, and Mike Strager, are still spending most of their time on KP duty. However they are captured by the Japanese and taken to a prison camp and discover that their long-suffering Sergeant Burke has also been captured. They manage to escape and find their way to a Burmese village in which two American showgirls, Janie and Connie who have escaped from Shanghai, are stranded. They all borrow an elephant and head for India.

Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country 2008

Going beyond the occasional news clip from Burma, the acclaimed filmmaker, Anders Østergaard, brings us close to the video journalists who deliver the footage. Though risking torture and life in jail, courageous young citizens of Burma live the essence of journalism as they insist on keeping up the flow of news from their closed country.

Return to Burma 2013

After decades of military rule, Burma has finally held its first presidential election. Many Burmese living abroad believe that peace and prosperity will soon soon follow, including Wang Xing-Hong who is living as an immigrant laborer in Taiwan and saves his money so he can return home. When Xing-hong arrives, he feels like a stranger in a foreign land but is determined to stay and make his life in Burma.

Inside Burma: Land of Fear 1997

John Pilger and David Munro go undercover to expose how the former British colony is ruled by a harsh, bloody and uncompromising military regime.

Expedition Burma 2014

Expedition Burma For the first time in over 50 years, a team of wildlife film-makers from the BBC's Natural History Unit and scientists from the world-renowned Smithsonian Institution has been granted access to venture deep into Burma's impenetrable jungles. Their mission is to discover whether these forests are home to iconic animals, rapidly disappearing from the rest of the world - this expedition has come not a moment too soon.

Wild Burma: Nature's Lost Kingdom 2013

For the first time in over 50 years, a team of wildlife film-makers and scientists has been granted access to venture deep into Burma's impenetrable jungles. Their mission is to discover whether these forests are home to iconic animals, rapidly disappearing from the rest of the world - this expedition has come not a moment too soon.

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