Human Lanterns 1982

This is it: one of the most talked about cult films ever made -- a maniacal masterpiece of the macabre, the martial arts, and the just plain weird. Shaw's first international star Lo Lieh stars as the insane swordsman who makes Chinese lamps from, yes, the skin of his enemies' sisters, mistresses, and wives. Although insanely conceived, it is beautifully filmed and unashamedly performed by a first rate cast of sexy starlets and kung-fu favorites.

Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker 1994

A woman inherits her father's fireworks factory, as he had no son. The business does well and everything works in an orderly fashion until one day, an itinerant painter is hired to decorate the doors and vases at the factory. The woman, forbidden to marry and thereby involve outsiders in the factory ownership, finds herself drawn to the headstrong painter. When they fall in love, the situation throws her entire life into disarray

Silent 2012

A woman tries to give a pair of shoes to her husband, who is in prison. The story takes place in Diyarbakır, Turkey in 1984 after the military coup in 1980, where the only language allowed to be spoken in prison is Turkish. The film won “Palme D’or” for short film in Cannes Film Festival 2012.

Oh, My Cops! 1983

Buddy cops Porky (Kent Cheng) and Big Mouth (Wong Ching) are promoted to the anti-prostitution division after solving a robbery case. In their bid to crack down on a prostitution ring, the bumbling duo arrange for Margaret (Pat Ha) to go undercover as a hooker as part of their supposedly foolproof plan, which unfortunately and inevitably has to go wrong...

Waiting Alone 2005

Set in modern day Bejing, Waiting Alone is a coming-of-age story of Wen (Xia Yu), an antique shop owner and aspiring author who has just met the girl of his dreams. Waiting Alone shows us a China rarely seen in cinema, a China that is contemporary, hip and vibrant.

Street Angels 1996

After her gangster boyfriend Walkie Pie skips town to evade a murder rap, beautiful Tung Yen hooks up with a wealthy nightclub owner, Brother Man, only to have her ex return with guns blazing.

The Legend of the Red Lantern 1970

The play concentrated on the exploits of the communist underground activities under Japanese occupation in 1939, though history traces back in the 1920s. When Li Yuhe, a railroad worker who was engaging in underground work, was taken away by special agents and Grandma Li has a premonition of being arrested, Grandma tells the protagonist, Li Tiemei the true story about her family. Grandma Li tells Li Tiemei how her parents have sacrificed their lives in the revolutionary struggle. Li Yuhe has taken up the unfulfilled task of the martyrs. After hearing the heroic story about her family, Li Tiemei is determined to follow the example of her father and carry the revolution through to the end.

Red Lamp Shaded in Blood 1968

Red Lamp Shaded in Blood is a decent Martial World film of the type that Chu Yuan made famous for Shaw Brothers. These are often based on the works of Jin Yong and Ku Long. Red Lamp features all the requisite tropes of the genre: various sects of the Martial World, an evil sect scheming to rule the Martial World, an outcast orphan sent on a quest, mystically acquired Martial Arts, a mysterious hermit, a mysterious killer and , of course, star crossed lovers.

Bruce Takes Dragon Town 1974

Alan Tang is forced into a swirling dilemma between two antagonistic drug smugglers. Double crossed, he manages to emerge triumphant. See this kung fu extravaganza explodes in a bloody spectacle of wrath rage and vengeance as Bruce takes Dragon Town.

Mo deng da shi lan 1981

Hong Kong comedy starring David Wu and Meg Lam directed by Chi-Lien Yu.

From the Queen to the Chief Executive 2001

In 1985, Cheung Yau-ming (David Lee Sheung-man) was one of five miscreants involved in the brutal murder of a white couple. As he was still a juvenile, the court ordered that he be "detained at Her Majesty's pleasure," a clause in British law allowing the government to imprison young offenders for an indefinite period. The film picks up in 1997, with Yau-ming (now 28) being paid a visit by a girl named Cheung Yue-ling (Ai Jing). With only six months to go before the Handover, Yau-ming and 22 other prisoners hope to have their sentences determined soon, fearing what might happen should the decision about what to do with them become the province of incoming Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa.

Café. Waiting. Love 2014

College freshman Si-ying gets a part-time job at “Cafe. Waiting. Love” coffee shop, where she befriends Abusi, a tomboyish barista who can make any coffee the customers request, the beautiful and mysterious cafe owner, and Zeyu, the boy who always sits in the same spot in the cafe who seems to be very popular with girls and on whom Si-ying develops an instant crush.

Dangerous Seductress 1995

Susan is beaten by her boyfriend and flees to her sister who works as a fashion model in Indonesia. There, she finds a magic book and as she reads a spell men she was a witch who makes her incredibly beautiful in exchange for that she get blood to the witch by seducing men and empty them of blood.

What's Up with Love? 2002

Cinta (Dian Sastrowardoyo), a teenager in suburban Jakarta, spends all of her time with her four girlfriends, Maura (Titi Kamal), Alya (Ladya Cheryll), Carmen (Adinia Wirasti) and Milly (Sissy Priscillia) - that is, until she falls for Rangga (Nicholas Saputra), the unassuming winner of the school poetry contest. Rangga's presence triggers the jealousy of Cinta's best friends, and things get more challenging for the couple when the girls pressure Cinta to choose between them and Rangga. A sharply etched yet humorous love story of growing infatuation, ambivalence and near misunderstanding between two idealistic teenagers, Cinta and Rangga, at a high school in Jakarta. This sophisticated and charming film provides an engaging portrait of middle-class teenagers.

Modal Dengkul 2014

Jodi—slacker employee for more than three years, his career does not move up, with a mediocre salary—is fired from his job. Slumped when he met with friends in high school, Siku, short for Si Kunyuk (Monkey), who changed his name to Pierre. Kunyuk offers a job as a masseuse (Male Therapist). Because of desperate circumstances, he enters into the world of Male Therapist. Jodi success and become one of the most sought-after Male Therapist. Jodi courted one of his clients, a wealthy lawyer middle-aged woman named Anet. Jodi’s life goes smoothly, until he meets Dianka, a gorgeous waitress at a fancy restaurant. Then Jodi is going out with Dianka, But, this relationship is detcted by Anet.

What's with Love? 2 2016

Fourteen years after they parted ways, a chance meeting sees Cinta reunite with Rangga while she and her girlfriends are on vacation in Yogyakarta.

J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai

J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai is the second Super Sentai series. It aired from April 9, 1977 to December 24, 1977. Created by Shotaro Ishinomori, it ran for 35 episodes. The title given to this series for international distribution by Toei is The Jackers.

Dengeki Sentai Changeman 1985

After already conquering hundreds of planets, the Great Star League Gozma sets its sights onto Earth. To defend the lands in such a great crisis, the military begins a special branch known as the Earth Defense Force, comprised of elite members from all areas of the military. Under the supervision of Commander Ibuki, the numerous gathered soldiers of the Earth Defense Force begin a harsh training.

Dengeki!! Strada 5 1974

Battle between international criminal organizations and the secret team of international police formed against these organizations. An action drama incorporating element of children's hero program, Tokusatsu, such as characters with superhuman motor nerves and the appearance of super machines. "Strada 5" is the name of this secret team.

Lotus Lantern

Lotus Lantern is a Chinese animated feature film produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio.

Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds 2016

On the first day of junior high, 13 year old Li Li meets the handsome but cynical Pei Shang Xuan. A homely girl and a handsome boy, an academic achiever and a poor student - they would never be the kind of enviable match made in heaven. For the next 15 years, Li Li was Pei Shang Xuan's one, unchanging friend, and Pei Shang Xuan was the one and only person Li Li loved. As the years pass by, Shang Xuan begins to realize how important Li Li is in his life. But their love isn't something that can continue in this lifetime.

Najica: Blitz Tactics 2001

Najica: Blitz Tactics is an anime television series by Studio Fantasia. It premiered across Japan between October 4, 2001 and December 27, 2001. The show is similar to that of Agent Aika—both being directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima and animated by Studio Fantasia—with much of the same content. Though Najica was later adapted into a manga by Takuya Tashiro, the majority of the difference in content were in the context of the missions and especially the ending.

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